10 secrets – How to earn profit in Intraday trading

I am professional trader and on the behalf of my personal experience, i am trying to explain you that How to earn profit in Intraday trading.

Intraday trading
  1. Do proper homework before sitting on the trading desk. Approx 150 stocks, I watch daily and then find somewhere 4-5 stocks for next day.
  2. Prepare your watch-list as per your homework not as per other things like TV or news.
  3. Use multiple time-frames for watching stock movement. Use candle chart on software.
  4. Avoid the first 15 min for entering into the trade. If you are a novice, avoid first 45 mins.
  5. Always cut small losses and ride your right trade with trailing stop loss.
  6. Never allow to convert profit into the loss. Booking profit can never make you bankrupt.
  7. There is no space for Emotions, anger, revenge, feelings, fear, and greed. They are your real enemies.
  8. Cut your trade at 3.15 PM either you are in profit or loss. It’s a thumb rule for a day trader.
  9. Use a reliable and full-time broker mainly for day trading. Avoid discount brokers.
  10. You need a proper setup, good internet speed, desktop or laptop, use a keyboard with a mouse. Avoid trading on mobile as novices do.
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